The Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper butterflies are very similar, so they’re difficult to tell apart. It turns out that I’ve been incorrectly labeling some of them for a couple of years. This one — though it’s easier to tell from the upper view of the wings — is definitely a Meadow Brown. I’ve had several in the garden this year, as usual, so they’re not hard to get shots of. The background makes this one stand out from the crowd, so I like this one. Sometimes you take the background as it is, just as it’s offered, but I do like to experiment if there are options.

I should add that since I recently dropped my camera and broke the screen, I can no longer see what the photos look like until I load them onto the laptop, so it’s nice to see something turn out well.

Details: Canon EOS 1200D, manual mode, f8, 1/500 sec, ISO-200, Canon 75-300mm lens, focal length 300mm, 16 August 2017.

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