Chaffinch at the Feeder

One of several similar shots taken in recent weeks, this chaffinch has been a regular visitor to the feeder. Getting a shot was very much a trial and error process. I’d focus on the right-hand edge of the feeder and then wait, and wait, and wait, and snap as soon as the chaffinch came into the frame. Because it would slow its approach a few inches out and adjust its position, it would hover with its wings spread for a moment or two, and then it was just a matter of trying repeatedly until I caught a shot that showed it off nicely.

Here the lighting plays a part in making the shot. The sun is coming from the left and breaks nicely across the bird’s chest. Given the relatively low shutter speed, the result is still quite decent.

Details: Canon EOS 1200D, manual mode, f8, 1/1000 sec, ISO-800,  Canon 75-300mm lens, focal length 300mm, 14 February 2017.

Copyright Bob Jacobs

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