Stay Safe

Coronavirus has been with us long enough that it’s understandable if some people are finding it difficult to keep up with the changing rules, guidelines, and even laws, advice that will no doubt continue to change as we learn more about the virus. But the basic advice for avoiding exposure to a virus that is thought to spread mainly from person to person is really quite simple and largely unchanging.

– First, minimise contact with other people, avoiding unnecessary contact where possible.

– If contact can’t be avoided, try to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the other people.

– If a safe distance can’t be maintained, use appropriate aids to mitigate the risk, such as a mask that covers your nose and mouth, gloves, or protective clothing.

– Maintain good hygiene, such as washing hands or using a sanitizer, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Often, you can’t tell whether someone you come into contact with is spreading the virus. They may have it and be unaware themselves.

If you think you might have symptoms, do all that you can to protect those around you from potential infection.

Stay safe, one and all, for yourself and for your loved ones.